“Follow me on the social network of your choice!”

TwitterAlthough I was one of the early adopters of Twitter, I will admit that I didn’t really find it useful until a couple of years ago. In 2011 I realised that I could use Twitter as a repository for the useful information I find on the Web. So I took to tweeting useful links which, as it turns out, other people sometimes find useful too.

I’ve gathered a reasonable following but – at the risk of alienating those who do follow me – I’m not particularly interested in the social component of Twitter. In fact, I can’t bear Twitter conversations because I’m too slow and too verbose!

In more recent years I have taken to cross-posting links to other social networks using Hootsuite. This online service allows me to schedule my tweets and cross-post them to Learnocracy pages in Facebook, Linkedin as well as other Twitter accounts I run. I can maximise my ‘social’ reach with the minimum of effort.

If you’d like to follow me on any of the social networks mentioned above, just click on the link and find the ‘follow’ button (or add me to one of your circles). I do respond to ‘comments’ as I find I can be more considered with more than 280 characters and a little time to cogitate…