“Stuff on the Web is dynamic, accessible and very often free”

Airbase is a free repository that my company, Airhead Education, has put together to help learners and educators by giving them a place to find exciting Web stuff for learning and teaching. The simple premise of this project is that the web is useful for learning and teaching. It’s useful because stuff on the Web is interactive, collaborative, dynamic, accessible on any device and very often free.

The Web is no longer just about information. For every piece of software on your computer, there’s probably an equivalent free web app. Not only that, but web apps don’t need installing, supporting or updating. The strength of the Web is also its weakness. There’s a lot of stuff out there and most of it is not easy to find, even with a good search engine. Airbase is a crowd-sourced solution to this challenge.

The benefits of Airbase for you are that:

  • Educational categorisation means you’ll quickly find the stuff you need
  • You’ll only take time to submit good stuff so you’ll only find good stuff
  • Ratings and reviews will help you to identify the best of the best

We hope that you find Airbase useful!