“This revolution in technology has profound implications”

Learnocracy Ltd was formed in 2011 by Phil Dawson, an educational technologist with over 22 years’ experience. Learnocracy offers procurement support, cloud consultancy and strategic technology planning to schools, MATs, Authorities and EdTech companies. We support EdTech companies to optimise their bidding capability and capacity as a cornerstone of business development. We support and advise education leaders who wish to reassess their organisations’ technology provision to improve outcomes in learning, teaching and the business of education while spending less money.

To EdTech companies, we offer:

  • General basic to advanced training on winning complex bids
  • Specific training on winning business through frameworks
  • Bid production, in part or full
  • Bid review
  • Bid Director-as-a-Service

“Phil is an excellent Bid Director. He brings intelligence, insight, creativity and commercial acumen to each project that he leads and this delivers outstanding results. He is brilliant at working with customers at all levels within an organisation. He uses a range of techniques and approaches to understand customer requirements and aspirations. He then uses his ability to lead and motivate a bid team to create innovative, compelling and winning bid solutions. Phil is an excellent relationship builder. This is demonstrated by the high-value relationships he has developed with commercial and public sector organisations within the BSF programme and his role within the Strategic project’s function. He is fun to work with and a highly effective colleague. Phil brings creativity and appropriate challenge to the role and this makes him a great colleague and a great member of the team.Tim Downie, Global Business Director, RM plc

“Phil Dawson has been offering Bid Director-as-a-Service support to Gaia Technologies plc since 2012, attending our sales meetings, helping to direct our bidding strategy and supporting us to be a highly effective and successful bidding team. He’s expertly delivered a whole range of services, including direct engagement with our customers at the highest level, bid presentation support, bid reviews, bid writing, commercial support and project management. As well as being highly skilled and experienced, Phil is organised, reliable and great to work with. His guidance and support would be a real asset to any company who wants to put bidding at the core of its business development strategy.” Kevin Evans, Sales Director, Gaia Technologies plc

“As one of many companies who’d successfully applied to an education technology framework, we needed to invest in our bidding capabilities to maximise the future opportunity. For key bids, we decided we needed an objective third party with deep experience of bidding in the education technology sector who could review our past bids, evaluate where they needed improvement and support us with a specific tender to scaffold our future approach. Phil Dawson came highly recommended as someone with a wealth of experience in doing just this. He worked effectively with our existing team, offering exactly the right balance of planning, support, constructive criticism and actual bid writing. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I’m delighted to say we won the tender! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Phil.” Dan Fearnley, COO, Circle IT

To schools, MATs and Authorities, we deliver strategic support for educational organisations that want to systematically optimise their investment in technology and deliver demonstrable educational impact. In particular, we focus on cloud technologies and the opportunities for driving down monetary investment in technology at the same time as delivering improved outcomes. The support that Learnocracy offers broadly covers the following areas:

  • Advice and support in optimising technology for teaching, learning and administration
  • Co-development of vision, strategy and plans for delivery of new technology solutions
  • Development of technology solutions for new schools
  • Delivery and management of change programmes, including training
  • Management of technology procurements including bid writing and management

“Phil Dawson has been a key part of the team developing the new school provision. He combines a great knowledge of current ICT usage in schools with a clear and relevant perspective on how ICT is developing. Together we have developed a robust, forward-looking, agile plan. We opened the Academy in 2013 but we will not be in a permanent building until 2018. We have worked together with Phil to continually refine our ICT implementation to keep it relevant in a rapidly changing market. Phil has been responsive to the evolving needs of the Academy and nothing has been too much trouble. We look forward to a continued partnership with Phil, providing the best ICT solutions for our students.” Richard Bence, Chair of Governors and ICT Lead, Route 39 Academy Trust 

“Phil has been pivotal in managing the commercial process, working with us to refine the technical solution within our budget. He has a real depth of experience and knowledge of managing ICT projects for new schools and that has been invaluable to us. Phil has the respect of all our partners and has helped us navigate us through territory that is unfamiliar to us but clearly vital to the success of the College.” Ian Crews, Principal, South Devon UTC

Phil Dawson is also a co-founder and director of Airhead Education Ltd, a successful business providing a ‘cloud desktop’ to schools, colleges and universities. Known as Airhead, the platform won the ‘Innovation in ICT’ Bett award in 2015.

“Phil is a first-rate professional, who I have always enjoyed working with. He has the rare ability to see both the big picture, while also being happy to understand and advise on the finer details in a commercial transaction. Phil is an excellent communicator, both internally and with partners and is able to take a robust approach to negotiations while maintaining strong relationships throughout.” Greg Davidson, Head of Legal and Company Secretary at RM plc

Learnocracy Ltd is able to draw on the experience of a range of the UK’s most proficient education technologists, technical solution architects, trainers and project managers to successfully deliver the requirements of your project.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Phil by email.

“It’s clear that the future of technology is mobile, wireless and ubiquitous. As educators, our responsibility is to prepare young people to thrive in the world that is coming, not the world of yesterday or even today. While the current generation may be digital natives, they are not necessarily digital experts. It’s the responsibility of educational organisations to prepare young people for their future, both by teaching digital literacy and by employing digital competencies to support learning and teaching across the curriculum.” Phil Dawson, Education Technologist, Learnocracy Ltd